Short Bio:

Selenamos is a Los Angeles based Selena tribute band that guarantees a lively night. Performing in LA's most famous venues, Selenamos proves that "the impossible is always possible" by reviving the music of Selena in a fresh and new way. They have been referred to as the best non-replication Selena tribute band in the nation, and they are remembered by fans by their unique quality as performers. Mixing disco and Latin pop into their non-stop performance ensures a lively crowd that will dance all night. With countless shows in their portfolio and decades of experience from every member, Selenamos is excited to take the stage and put on an unforgettable night!  

The Band

Meet Our Selena

Lupita Huizar is a Singer, Performer, and Voice/Piano Teacher. With over 15 years of experience, she is excited to influence those around her to be a part of the arts. Lupita has an Associate of Art's degree from Citrus College and a Bachelors in Music Industry Studies from Cal Poly Pomona (CPP).

If you can't find her on a stage somewhere in California, you can find her cooking delicious meals in her kitchen, tending to her succulents, or drawing in her bedroom.

Rockstar Guitarist

Abraham Chavez is the type of guitarist you have to see to believe! Based in Los Angeles, Abraham and his over 14 years of expertise bring the heat to every performance. Abe has had the privilege of sharing the stage with many iconic musicians including trumpet legend, Wayne Bergeron and guitar virtuoso, Oz Noy.

Abraham enjoys playing and listening to all styles of music, but when he's not playing guitar, Abraham spends his free time reading and collecting vintage comic books. 

Our Groovin' Bassist

Miguel Jr. Camarena is the foundation that every band needs. Playing bass guitar for over 7 years, "Miggy" makes sure to have the crowd dancing by walking through the audience mid-set and playing bass right in front of them! As interactive as Miguel is, he also knows when to take a step back and lay down a solid bassline... but even in the background you'll see him dancing as he plays!

Miguel enjoys holding hands and long walks on the beach.

Catchy Keyboardist

Jared Rodriguez brings back memories of good times by playing all the melodies and harmonies you know and love. Jared has over 15 years of performance experience as well as an Associates in Audio Arts. On stage you can see him playing all the instruments you don't see, including trumpet, saxophone, violin, and of course piano, organ, and synth - all from one keyboard!

In his free time, Jared enjoys playing video games and writing/recording his own music. 

Rockin' Drummer

Domenico Torres is a firework waiting to be set off. Playing the drums for the past 13 years, "Dom" brings an explosive energy to every performance, always excited for his next drum solo. He enjoys listening and playing genres like salsa, merengue, R&B, and progressive fusion, and although he's left handed, he still plays all of his instruments right handed!

Domenico is a Kinesiology major at Cal. State Fullerton, and you might be able to catch him doing pushups or jump rope back stage.